8 out of 10 employees say they would use on-demand pay.  Meet  those  expectations   and enhance your employer brand with the world’s first global  E arned  W age  A ccess solution.  fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10  NOW  is quick  to deploy  and adds  no   extra  burden on payroll  teams .    

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A mobile app for pay flexibility & control

Research shows that eighty percent of employees would use a form of on-demand pay – unsurprising given our on-demand society. 

Meeting consumer expectations with flexible FinTech, fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW stands alone as the only true global solution that gives employees on-demand, instant access to their earned pay, effectively empowering them to choose their payday.

fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW provides Earned Wage Access (EWA) for employees in one intuitive mobile application.  

It’s a low-cost, high-value employee benefit for progressive employers that want to attract and retain talent and make a positive impact on financial wellbeing.  

The world’s leading companies trust fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10

"As a payroll group, fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW is something we can bring to the table to support our employees." 

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Introducing  fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10  NOW, the  world’s first  global solution for earned wage access.  E mpower your employees with financial flexibility and  control , and  enhance your employer brand Watch the video to  s ee what  fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10  NOW can offer your business.  

Benefits for Your Company

35 %
of employees fall short on an expense between pay periods. [According to a EY Employee Financial Wellbeing Survey, June 2020]

fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 helps global companies meet the needs of both their payroll organization and the employees. Fully integrated with the fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 treasury and payroll services, fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW offers financial flexibility to employees with no extra integration.   

fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW leverages digital payment technology to reduce the time it takes for employees to receive their pay. With fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW, employees can receive their pay directly to a card or virtual wallet, bringing forward the payroll cut-off date by reducing the payment timeline from three days to a matter of seconds.  

With fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW, your company can:


  • EWA - 1 cash flow Offer a low-cost, high-value employee benefit that makes a real difference to staff and differentiates your employer brand
  • EWA - 2 rules Support talent attraction and retention with a market-leading employee value proposition that includes on-demand pay
  • EWA - 3 eliminate requests Reduce the time it takes for employees to receive pay with card rail payments
  • EWA - 4 productivity Automate salary advance requests, eliminating the manual process and reducing costs
  • EWA - 5 satisfaction Create caps and tolerances to help employees make best use of the tool

Benefits for Your Employees

60 %
of households save less than 10% of their monthly income, don’t save at all, or are net debtors [According to OECD 2019; Chinese National Bureau of Statistics; Government of India Ministry of Statistics, EY analysis]

Fixed pay days hinder employees who want more flexibility and control over their finances. Employees should have choice over how they meet their financial commitments, and this is what EWA can give them.  

With on-demand, instant access to pay, employees can obtain emergency funds for a unexpected bill or expense, without incurring more debt, or requiring manual intervention from the Payroll or HR teams.  

With fifa电竞(长春)手游外围1.4.10 NOW, employees can:


  • EWA - 6 mobile app Get on-demand, instant access to their earned wages
  • EWA - 7 expense Gain control over how and when they receive their pay, so they can save and track spending
  • EWA - 8 lending Improve their financial knowledge with built-in tools and resources
  • EWA - 9 focus Reduce stress and anxiety caused by cashflow issues
  • icon 20 Have options for how they meet financial commitments, helping reduce the cost of personal debt